How to Shop Glass Water Pipes Online

17 Sep

There are a lot of glass water pipe varieties that they deserve their article. If you are someone who cares about seeing the water in your bong clearly, you can get a clear glass pipe. If you would like to be able to hit your pipe while laying in a recliner, you can get a bent glass water pipe that will direct the smoke back towards you without having to sit straight over it. If you would like to have a refreshing hit, make sure you find a glass pipe with an ice catcher. The filtering property of water pipes on legal substances such as tobacco makes them way healthier than what people could imagine.

Here are a few advantages of using glass water pipes:

  • The glass is safer around heat and the flame of a lighter than rubber.
  • Glass water pipes create a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance than a pipe with rubber fittings.
  • When people ask what the big deal with glass water pipe is. Taste and ease of cleaning come quickly to mind. Glass water pipes carry fewer aftertastes when smoking, alongside lovely flavor. For those who enjoy licking ashtrays, glass water pipes produce the cleanest taste, especially when the tool is kept clean.
  • With glass water pipes, you can easily see what resin build-up takes place. This means that you get to clean it up before it becomes too sticky to clear. Using a little bit of grain alcohol and a pipe cleaner, it all washes out with less effort.

Also, people use glass water pipes mainly because they produce smoother smoke. Glass water pipes don’t irritate your throat like roll-up tobacco. The warm water destroys the bacteria in the tobacco smoke, thus providing a cleaner inhalation, while the cool water will make the smoke cool and this reduces the risk of being exposed to some common smoking-related health conditions such as bronchitis.

Though glass water pipes drive smoke deeper into the lungs, it sieves out carcinogens for every gulp of air you take, hence minimizing your chances of having lung cancer. Therefore, while contaminants inhaled in one puff from a glass water pipe might be less than that of a rolled up tobacco, it is crucial that you take caution. Just like alcohol, it is advisable that you do not use your glass water pipes and tobacco in excess so that you don’t cancel out these benefits.

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