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01 Oct
Glass Water pipe

Water pipe for smoking of tobacco was discovered in China in the 16th century at the time of Ming Dynasty, introduced along with tobacco through the Silk Road and Persia. It was very popular then, but since the Republic Era, it became less popular. In producing smoke, bongs are either plastic or glass which uses the stem, a bowl and water. It produces smoke that is smoother than every other method of smoking. Bubbles containing smoke usually comes from the stem when the smoker inhale in the bong. As soon as the bong has some smoke built up, the remaining smoke goes into the smoker’s lungs when the stem is separated from the bong.

Glass Water Pipes

Glass water bong is easy to enjoy and it will give you a smooth smoking experience, though it may look confusing if you’ve not seen or used one before. Using of glass water bong is one of the ways to enjoy smoothest, cleanest and healthiest tobacco smoking or other products that it can be used for, and very easy to keep clean. Knowing some parts of this great smoking device will make it easy for you to enjoy more-

Some of these parts are;

Mouthpiece – This is where you place your mouth, it’s the opening at the tube end. Don’t place your lips over the hole but inside the inhale hole. Make the outside of your lips airtight sealed.

Down Stem – This is the small tube connecting the water in the bottom of the bong and the slide together. Some bongs have a molded glass tube leading the slide into the chamber in place of down stems.

Chamber – The smoke accumulates here in readiness to be inhaled.

Slide (Bowl) – This is where the smoking material is being held. Just because it could be removed from the down stem, before the smoke can be inhaled in the smoke chamber, makes it be called “Slide.”

Carb – Unless the water bong are porcelain or wooden; most water bongs don’t have a carb. The carb is always kept covered while lighting the slide but later opened when the user is ready in inhaling the smoke.

Because the chamber can hold a larger capacity of smoke; smoking out of a rolling paper or a pipe is quite different from smoking out of a bong. Using a glass water pipe can help smokers in reducing the additional chemicals they are exposed to through an ordinary water pipe.


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