At an online headshop one can order and get the product delivered on one’s doorstep in the comfort of one’s own home; one does not need to bother to get up from one’s sofa, drive to the headshop and search for the accessory one is looking for. But the good news is that this is not the only benefit of buying smoking devices, bongs and glasses from an online headshop there are many others. Following are listed other benefits of using an online headshop:


Your local headshop will usually carry standard, common and basic bongs and glass pipes but if you are in search of an accessory that is relatively hard to find then you should turn to an online headshop as it is easier to find an uncommon item from the large catalogue that an online headshop has to offer.

Cheap Items

The accessories found on an online headshop are known to be relatively cheaper because of the fact that an online headshop does not have to deal with the costs that a local headshop has; such as paying employees, paying rent, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Customer Service

The customer service at any online headshop is comparatively better than an average physical headshop. The people hired by an online headshop are taught about the products and are always open to answer queries unlike the employees of a local headshop.

Quality Control

Many online headshops are known to feel proud of their quality control policy. They have a process of screening below-standard products. The items found on an online headshop are more artistic, have better quality and are durable that any local headshop.


The shipment policies of many online headshops are great and have amazing return policies. Many of these online headshop do not even charge for the items that are broken down during the shipping process and offer an alternate.

You will find lots and lots of head shops in UK, America, Canada. But the best head shop is not in every city or town a lots of potheads have confidence in online ordering that allows you to buy products like home décor, and clothing (e.g., wall hangings illustration and posters, themes etc.), magazines (e.g., about music , tattooing, cannabis cultivation, and cannabis culture). Some online head shops sell oddities, For instance sex toys and antique walking sticks likewise.

I realize some people doesn’t like ordering products from online head shops they are concern about being exposed of using cannabis or the product won’t be packaged very well and will arrive broken or spoiled.

These are issues you do not want to be bother about, that is the reason it is very essential to buy from an online head shop you can have confidence in.

But how are you going to choose the best online head shop? Allow me to share 10 signs to look for when ordering from an online head shop.



Additionally, it is good to get free gifts (brand swag, stickers, screens) and free shipping with large orders and, it is unnecessary but that’s the head shop going one step further to make you happy. Who does not really like free stuff right?

If you are in search for smoking accessories, a bong or a new piece of glass take a look at Online Headshop. Online Headshop that’s user friendly, will have an incredible choice and you’ll get your item quickly, discreetly, and safely- and to be honest that is all a customer wants.

Nothing gets you going like a new piece of glass, bong or smoking accessories. Owning a superb bong is crucial if you like smoking up however going to the local headshop , mortar smoke shop and  local brick is not at all times an ideal idea. You do not want a lot of people to see you going in and out of the headshop and some of the people you meet in headshops are not the kind of people you would love to meet. Do not bother about it anymore because online headshop deal with most of the problem that’s associated mortar and brick headshops. The following are some reasons you should be making your next purchase online:

Online head shop have the best selection

The first thing you will experience when you visit one of the online shops is overwhelmed as a result of  the number of items they have. Online shops can warehouse equipment easily which place them in the best place to provide you with a lot of variety. it will always be good to have an overabundance of choice.

Online head shop’s products are more affordable

If there are one or two shops in your vicinity, they make their prices high simply because they do not have much competitors. The online marketplace is absolutely different; there are many competitors making them keep their prices low. Additionally it’s quite easy for online customers to do a comparison of prices between various outlets which further encourage the stores to keep their prices as low as possible.

Online head shop’s have innovative products

The most exciting part about buying at online headshops is that you’ll find some stuff you will not find elsewhere. You will find totally new types of dab ring and pipes, filtration systems. Generally, if it is obscure and new, you can only see it on online headshops.

Online head shop’s are extremely discreet

This is my most loved part of online purchased. Anything you purchase arrives at your house directly without other people knowing what’s it. This makes online headshops well suited for those that bother about their privacy or for those who are living in places where smoking equipment is viewed negatively.

Online head shop’s have gorgeous products

Besides type of the products, varieties also enables the shops to have a lots more designs compared to mortar and brick shops. You will see lovely glass pipes, bongs with beautiful colors and pretty designs and dab rigs which look amazing when lit.

Online headshop offer products for smokers to enjoy a smooth smoking process and gain all the pleasure. These products are of different types and formats but mostly perform almost the same function. In the course of this article, we will be considering only three popular products for smoking that you can buy from online headshop at any time of the day.

3 popular products you can buy at online headshops

Bongs are conventionally put to use for smoking cannabis. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes because they are made of totally different materials. Glass bongs are popular when compared with almost every other type of bong because they are very long lasting, they possess various designs and several components. The plastic bongs are the least expensive, but they are not the easiest to maintain and are not very durable. Additionally, there are ceramic and bamboo bongs nonetheless they are not as popular but are still widely sought. So it is your choice to choose either a glass bong or another type of bong.

Glass water pipes are used for smoking tobacco, snuff, cannabis or other dried herbs. They contain water chambers and are therefore more difficult, but get clean shots when smoking. There are different types of water pipes. The most common are the tobacco pipe that can be used for snuff smoking and also other dried herbs. They are made of different materialsclay, porcelain, acrylic, meerschaum, glass and many other materials that can be found in the earth.

Bubblers are small water pipes but are designed so that they can be movable. A small room which contains water and provides you with sample tubes over the water that cools the smoke down. They are offered in all varieties and styles of crazy patterns because they are created from different materials, but glass and clay are the most popular.

The products above are the three most popular products for smoking in the world. They are easy to identify, purchase and even clean after using them.

If you find any difficulty in purchasing these products listed above, you can check on to see different types of bubblers, glass water pipes, and even bongs and select your desired pattern. So choosing the right product to get you that great smoking pleasure you have always wanted is up to you, as all three products work perfectly.

Whether it is a daily habit or something that you think you do once every few months, cleaning your water glass pipe is a task that most smokers have to do at some point in time.

Aside from the obvious reasons, it eliminates bacteria that has accumulated inside due to constant use. The feeling of smoking from a freshly cleaned glass tube is one that turns an average session into a great one.

Regularly maintaining your glass water pipe is the key to making smoking experience more pleasant. There are washing alternatives available specifically for glass water pipes, which provide all of the necessary ingredients in one bottle.
Here are ways you can clean the glass water pipe:

1. Using Home Resources

What you need:
• Alcohol
• Table Salt
• Paper Towels
• Sealable Plastic Bags
• Water
• Pipe Cleaner
• Remove the bowl and down stem of your water pipe.
• Pour the salt directly into the pipe.
• Fill about 1-2 inches of alcohol in the tube directly on the salt.
• Take paper towels and plug all openings (nozzle and down stem input) so your mixture does not leak out.
• Shake tube, so that the salt and alcohol can reach all the internal point of the pipe. Continue shaking until the resin and waste are eliminated. Alcohol interferes with the residue inside the tubes, while the salt acts as an abrasive by rubbing and elimination of unwanted material.
• Pour the mixture of alcohol and salt, and use water to wash alcohol and salt left inside.
• Get down stem and bowl that was removed before and put them in a sealable plastic bag. If the glass is very dirty, it should be soaked in alcohol for several hours before softening the residue.
• Pour enough salt and alcohol in the bag to cover all the glass pieces.
• Shake the bag gently to shift the salt through the down stem and dish. Be careful not to break the glass!
• After shaking and removing most of the remains, take a Q-tip, tube better or wire suspension and scrape any remaining dirt.
• After cleaning, clean out your down stem and dish with water to eliminate any remaining salt and alcohol.
• Put the tube back together, and enjoy a fresh experience of smoking!

2. Using Denture Tablets

What you need:
• Denture tablets
• Ziploc Bags
• Water Source
• Pipe Cleaner
First, place the slide and bowl into separate Ziploc bags. Then drop 1-3 denture tablets, depending on the size of water pipes and fill with warm water. Allow the fizzing process to take place within the pipe for about 15-30 minutes. The time varies depending on how dirty the glass water pipe is. Also, add a denture tablet for each Ziploc bag for cleaning the slide and bowl. Some areas remain mildly resinous, use a cleaner tube to remove excessive accumulations. Finally, rinse all parts with warm water and dry before using the pipes.

3. Using Formula 420

What you need:
• A container of Formula 420
• Water Source
As a product for such tasks, cleaning is fast with formula 420 regarding other alternative cleaning methods. It can be a little more expensive than just alcohol but works efficiently.
Start by shaking the bottle to mix the liquid crystals inside. Then add the cleaner to the glass water pipe through all holes and shake. When finished cleaning, allow the pipe to rinse in hot water until all Formula 420 cleaner is rinsed out. Online Headshop

Glass water pipes are also called bongs by some group of individuals. They are a standard way of smoking tobacco and legal herbs as well as essential oils and concentrates. Additionally, they filter dry herbs or concentrates using a variety of perc to cool, break your tobacco, herbs, and cigar to have a smooth smoking experience.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of using Glass water pipes for smoking.

The use of glass water pipes has many health benefits associated with smoking. As mentioned above, the machine is a very important factor in this field. The filtrate and the smoke diffuser which receive not only gentle movements, as well as other cleaning products. Since the smoke will travel through the water before reaching the mouth, the smoke will use the water as a purifying system.

The size of the glass water pipe gives the user a very good advantage. Due to the amount of pure space, which comes from the size more, you can get great shots of tobacco instead of to pack a small amount of snuff repeatedly in a tube of hand to get the same results. This allows you to keep the snuff and save effort and money to achieve the same desired effects.

Glass water pipe is a little easier for newcomers to try smoking. The bubbles generated in off the tube during inhalation makes the smoke sweet and good on the throat than an ordinary cigarette or cigar. Taking a deep breath during a much shorter period of time can help alleviate novice smoking experience for the first time.

The main reason why many smokers may opt for the glass water pipe, because it does not irritate the throat of the person smoking it like cigarettes, snuff or rolled cigars will do. Hot water kills all bacteria in the smoke which is inhaled as a clearer and cold water. This can reduce the risk factors associated with smoking-related risks, such as bronchitis when used in moderation.

Always clean the water hose after usage, by re-using the dirty water pipe or cleaning solution can be environmentally friendly, but it certainly is not healthy. In fact, leaving a clean water pipe effectively eliminates the filtering effect, so be sure to clean the tube thoroughly and regularly.

Glass water pipe effectively filters out a series of cancer through inhalation, reducing the likelihood that the vulnerability to smoking for diseases such as lung cancer. So when toxins are inhaled with a single blow of tobacco from a water pipe may be lower than a cigarette.

It makes no sense to have an online store and there are no sales. To be effective in providing an enjoyable experience for customers to save on the purchase of your product satisfied. Several factors determine the effectiveness of the online store that will make your customer purchase products.

Products are a major aspect of your online store. Without good products, sales decline and customers locate other stores. It is also important to provide detailed information about your products. A great way to do this is to use a comment. Comments like the term suggest a review of the products, such as the global features of value and price.

Discounts draw the attention of people. Most people go to the internet to buy products because of the discounts attached to the products. So discount is a great way to promote online headshop products. Apart from discounts, you can also run a live quiz with live streaming on your website and give out a coupon to the winner or even share coupons during festive periods. This will surely increase sales.

You can increase business efficiency to get more sales out of your employees. First, your staff needs to know about the latest products that you sell on your online headshop. After all, it is almost impossible to sell, if you cannot list all the benefits of a particular product and show customers why they should spend their money on these items.

You cannot expect that all employees know everything about each product there and how to use it unless they have a personal experience before.

Online networking is a great way to increase web presence, but probably no better way than to join network and forums that are closely related to your niche.

Once you have managed to bring customers to your online headshop, a lot of sales will flow in. To increase your sales, you have to make an effort to retain existing customers. The good news is that there are many ways to successfully increase revenue, each with their costs. While some techniques are very affordable, the other may be a bit more expensive.

An attempt to increase sales online requires some high knowledge of thinking sometimes. Keeping up with online business trends and research is essential. Sometimes the help of consultants makes the difference between success and failure.

Finding the perfect bong or water pipe for you can be a lifelong activity. It’s not always what you think. There are a lot of cheap water pipes you can find. We cannot be sure, but we do what we can to make the best water pipe is available here. Therefore, we are continually expanding our selection to include any affordable water pipes, many tubes and water in the novel, mini bongs and exotic tools. The more we can offer, the better chance we have to connect with something you enjoy.

Water bongs are gadgets for cigarette smoking and other herbal ingredients. The main advantage of the bong is that the water inside the bong filtrates the smoking. Bongs are usually created of glass or plastic. The tube consists of the main part, the base is filled with water, and the smoke goes up the pipe section of the nozzle and the slider, which is either removed or secured with a rubber washer.

Before buying a water bong, you should clarify its view on the properties it should meet. There are several things to consider before making a decision to purchase a bong in an online smoke store.

If the price is the most important thing for you, focus on sale bongs or choose small bongs or less decorated one with a simple design. Bongs without glass on glass joint are water pipes, and the rubber washer is inexpensive and can meet the needs in the same way as the more expensive water pipes. If you are a real fighter, you should check cheap glass bongs or look at our pocket-sized bongs offer.

If you want to buy bong with advanced features and original appearance, then you are looking for glass on glass bong. Glass on glass bongs come with a slider, a container may also offer diffuser stem end, ice collector, pre-coolers or ashtrays and can be modified by custom sign hand-written on the cup pipe.

Water bong is used for smoking through the water. The water in the bong acts as a filter and also cools the smoke. For better cooling of smoke are some of the bongs equipped with an ice catcher. Mouthpieces of bongs with ice catchers can be loaded with ice, which cools the smoke at very low temperatures. Water bongs for sale, which you can buy in our online store are very nice smoke, heat resistant, and its use is more hygienic than using bongs from other materials.

Bongs are fun to use, but it is important to keep them clean and to work properly. People who are new to bongs do not realize how dirty they can be. The smoke flavor is disgusting if the pipe has not been properly maintained and cleaned. The best part of smoking with a bong is that the results you will get are a better smoking experience. If the bong is dirty, every shot will taste horrible to the point that you will not want to smoke more.

There are several ways to clean a bong. Most of the methods are inefficient and leave a residual taste of chemicals on the surface of the device.

In general, there are many ways to clean a bong to make it look fresh and feel good. But then, we will examine the main method on how to clean a water pipe to be good.

You must first dismantle the bong, remove the individual parts so that it can be cleaned. Remove all moving parts, in particular, the container and the nozzle, if necessary.

Now there is a need to rinse the bong with fresh, clean water, make sure that the water you will use to flush the bong is clean, as this will help speed up the process. It is recommended to use hot water because it removes dirt easily.

Add salt in the bong; it is important Epsom salt is used. The salt acts as a mild abrasive.

Add half cup of your desired clean-up liquid. The quantity will be basedon the length of the pipe. Most people prefer using alcohol.

After adding a solution of alcohol or cleaning solution, cover the hole of the bong and shake it very hard. If you try to clean a bong that is filthy, you may have to leave the cleaning solution to stay an hour to make the dirt dissolve.

After shaking for some minutes, then rinse the bong with clean water. If you notice any dirt again, repeat the steps again to get what you want.

Learning how to clean a bong is an important part of tobacco consumption. A dirty bong affects the taste and quality of the smoke. Moreover, it becomes easier to clean a water pipe when it’s more often. When you get used to rinsing frequently, you should not spend more than a few minutes, keeping it in perfect condition.

If you’re thinking about shopping online like purchasing products from us, here are some helpful tips and concepts to help you make the most of your online shopping experience a success. Shopping online could be relaxing, fun and challenging. Online headshops offer a wide variety of products and can save time in the jump store.
Here are some tips you should consider when purchasing products from an online headstore:
• Buy from a Reputable Store
There are many online headshops with a popular brand name. There are other online headshops with a good online reputation. So it is always recommended that you buy from these well-known stores.
If you are not familiar with the seller, do some extensive research before handing over your credit card details. Make sure you have a phone number and e-mail address. You can call them before making a purchase.
• Payment options
Read what payment options are available and check if they are safe or not. It is likely that it will not go wrong with PayPal and other well-known option to transfer money. If the method is unknown to you or suspicious in any way, please contact customer service and request additional information.
• Always Use Credit Card When Shopping
Credit cards are easy to use online, just type the name of the credit card, number and expiration date of the card. Another important reason for using a credit card, if fraud occurs or a dispute occurs, you can request a refund. However, if you use a debit card, you can’t receive a refund.
• Read the refund policy
Customers are entitled to a full refund when you shop online if the goods are returned within seven days of purchase, and the seller must indicate it in the online headshop.
Most online headshop offers ten to thirty days of the full refund, but shipping costs are not included in it. The usual practice is that the customer pays for shipping expenses if the return items.
• Read the privacy policy
Your privacy is of great importance; it is important you read the headshop privacy and policy before buying products from them.
Reputable online headshops are very clear on how they collect data and what they do with it. Before buying should read and understand the rules, if a company uses its data to send an e-mail with changes or offers. You should also know that the company sends you email or offers frequently can sell your information to marketers.