Online Headshop

Online headshop is an online retail outlet that specializes in drug paraphernalia, which is related to counterculture art, cannabis, recreation drugs, home décor, clothing, music and magazines. The online head shop sells items like bongs, glass pipes, roach clips, vaporizers, pipe screens, rolling machines, rolling paper, balance or scales, whipped cream chargers, incense, black-light responsive posters and cigarette lighters.

Online headshop sometimes, sells substances that, are nearly identical to the chemical structure of ecstasy and cocaine. Originally, online headshop offers products typically used in illegal activities, but they were legal themselves. Typical merchandise has included rolling papers and tools used in the cultivation of marijuana.
Headshop was dated back in 1960 were headshop was first opened in San Francisco, now there are thousands of headshops around the world with more openings every day. And with the advent of technology headshop can now be found online in the form of an online store.

An online headshop is not that different from the conventional headshop; it is only that customers get the product whenever and wherever they need it.Online headshop has a variety of drug paraphernalia which customers get on their online catalog from where they will select the items they need. Most online headshops are informational giving details of every product they have in their online store.In online headshop, a customer only needs to order and pay online and the goods will be delivered to them. However, some online headshops offer pay on delivery and provide a ‘return policy’ incase the customer is unsatisfied with the product.Online Headshop

The goal of many online headshops, just like the normal store is to sell drug paraphernalia products to the market. They have an online shopping cart on their website and customers can add drug paraphernalia products to their shopping cart enter their payment information and check out. Similarly, a customer will be updated on all information concerning the purchase and will be told when the items are delivered .however it make take sometimes between placing order and delivery due to the inadequacy of electronic payment system. An online headshop can also be in the form of a mobile app. Headshop mobile app provides direct marketing channel of the online store. The mobile app provides general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and much more.

The biggest benefit of headshop mobile app is that all the information the headshop will like to provide to its customers-including special sales and promotions is right at their fingers tips. Through push notifications, the online headshop is getting even closer to a direct interaction and can easily remind customers of their services.
Online headshop are very important and it will help the headshop serve customer from all over the world. The process of setting up an online headshop is not that complicated as many people think. One just needs to get the license to operate and employ the services of a web developer to set up the online headshop.