Ways To Clean A Glass Water Pipe

18 Oct
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Whether it is a daily habit or something that you think you do once every few months, cleaning your water glass pipe is a task that most smokers have to do at some point in time.

Aside from the obvious reasons, it eliminates bacteria that has accumulated inside due to constant use. The feeling of smoking from a freshly cleaned glass tube is one that turns an average session into a great one.

Regularly maintaining your glass water pipe is the key to making smoking experience more pleasant. There are washing alternatives available specifically for glass water pipes, which provide all of the necessary ingredients in one bottle.
Here are ways you can clean the glass water pipe:

1. Using Home Resources

What you need:
• Alcohol
• Table Salt
• Paper Towels
• Sealable Plastic Bags
• Water
• Pipe Cleaner
• Remove the bowl and down stem of your water pipe.
• Pour the salt directly into the pipe.
• Fill about 1-2 inches of alcohol in the tube directly on the salt.
• Take paper towels and plug all openings (nozzle and down stem input) so your mixture does not leak out.
• Shake tube, so that the salt and alcohol can reach all the internal point of the pipe. Continue shaking until the resin and waste are eliminated. Alcohol interferes with the residue inside the tubes, while the salt acts as an abrasive by rubbing and elimination of unwanted material.
• Pour the mixture of alcohol and salt, and use water to wash alcohol and salt left inside.
• Get down stem and bowl that was removed before and put them in a sealable plastic bag. If the glass is very dirty, it should be soaked in alcohol for several hours before softening the residue.
• Pour enough salt and alcohol in the bag to cover all the glass pieces.
• Shake the bag gently to shift the salt through the down stem and dish. Be careful not to break the glass!
• After shaking and removing most of the remains, take a Q-tip, tube better or wire suspension and scrape any remaining dirt.
• After cleaning, clean out your down stem and dish with water to eliminate any remaining salt and alcohol.
• Put the tube back together, and enjoy a fresh experience of smoking!

2. Using Denture Tablets

What you need:
• Denture tablets
• Ziploc Bags
• Water Source
• Pipe Cleaner
First, place the slide and bowl into separate Ziploc bags. Then drop 1-3 denture tablets, depending on the size of water pipes and fill with warm water. Allow the fizzing process to take place within the pipe for about 15-30 minutes. The time varies depending on how dirty the glass water pipe is. Also, add a denture tablet for each Ziploc bag for cleaning the slide and bowl. Some areas remain mildly resinous, use a cleaner tube to remove excessive accumulations. Finally, rinse all parts with warm water and dry before using the pipes.

3. Using Formula 420

What you need:
• A container of Formula 420
• Water Source
As a product for such tasks, cleaning is fast with formula 420 regarding other alternative cleaning methods. It can be a little more expensive than just alcohol but works efficiently.
Start by shaking the bottle to mix the liquid crystals inside. Then add the cleaner to the glass water pipe through all holes and shake. When finished cleaning, allow the pipe to rinse in hot water until all Formula 420 cleaner is rinsed out. Online Headshop

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